The Village of Urbancrest Board of Public Affairs is charged with the responsibility of maintaining the Village’s Sanitary and Storm Sewer services provided to the residents of the Village of Urbancrest. Our mission is to ensure that the Village’s sewer systems maintain a high EPA approval rating to ensure that the Residents of the Village receive the best quality of service.  The Board is made up of three elected official.


The board may make laws and rules relative to the safe, efficient, and economical management and protection of the village’s utilities. These laws and rules, when not in conflict with the ordinances of the village, have the same validity as ordinances. Although the laws and rules of the board of public affairs may have the same validity as ordinances, the board of public affairs has no duties relative to the drafting, passage, or enactment of actual village ordinances. The board has the same powers as those extended to a city director of public service relative to utilities (R.C. 735.05-09), and those extended to legislative authorities relative to waterworks (R.C. 743.01, 743.05-.07, 743.10-.11, 743.18 and 743.24). See R.C.735.29.

The Board of Public Affairs Trustee Committee meeting has changed. They will meet on the second Tuesday of the month at 5:30pm.

Board of Public Affairs Trustees:
Carolyn Willis, President
Donna Bogue, Member
Lolita Wallace, Member


Boards and Commissions

The Village of Urbancrest Administration Building 3492 First Avenue Urbancrest, OH 43123
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