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The purpose of code enforcement within the Village of Urbancrest is to respond to concerns from citizens that affect the quality of life within the Village of Urbancrest. Such as zoning, overgrown lots or yards, inoperative or unlicensed vehicles, maintenance of strcutures, illegal signs and public nuisances. Systematic inspections are also performed to ensure properties are in compliance with the village zoning code. To report a violation you may contact the Village office located on Central Avenue. Violations should be made to the Code Enforcement Officer, not your council member because the Code Enforcement Officer is the one that must respond to any reported violations to determine if they are in fact violations.

Concerns should be made in writing. Your name will be kept private, but you should put your name on the complaint form because you may need to be contacted by the code enforcement officer.

Code enforcement is not to be used as a means of settling disputes between neighbors. Some individuals had contacted code enforcement because they were threatened by other residents. The franklin County Sheriff should be contacted in those types of cases. To report dogs that are running loose you may contact the Franklin County Animal Control.

In the event that you are in violation, you will first be given an order to cease and desist. This gives you a time frame in which the violation must be corrected. Zoning requirements within the Village of Urbancrest are as follows:

  • Yards are to be cut, grass is not to exceed 10 inches in height.
  • Trash should be collected and removed weekly. Trash should be in containers that cannot be accessed into by animals.
  • All vehicles within the Vilage of Urbancrest are to have a valid vehicle registration that is current. Vehicles are not to be parked on a grass surface. You may be issued a cease and desist violation order if any of these conditions exist. Failure to comply with an order may result in a complaint being filed against you in Franklin County Municipal Court. The penalty for a conviction is a third or fourth degree misdemeanor.
  • There should be no open burning in Franklin County. Anyone caught openly burning could be cited by the Jackson Township Fire Department.
  • Yard sales are permitted but you must first notify the office to let us know when and where it will be located. You are permitted to have three a year on the same site. They are not permited to last longer than seven consecutive days.
  • Dogs should be licensed.
  • Dogs must contained at all times. If you walk the dog, it must be on a leash.
  • Swimming pools are allowed but they must be within a fenced area that has a fence that is six feet in height, and the gate must be locked so as to prevent children from entering unaware.
  • If you put up a fence in an area that did not previously have a fence you must get a permit from the Zoning Inspector. Permits must also be obtained for new additions.

Council is currently working on legislation that will help us get rid of vacant and abandoned property. This is something that has been worked on for at least the past three years. Former Council members worked on this, and Council Member Christine Bailey has been diligently working on this.

The plan is to have any vacant and abandoned properties inspected and if they fail inspection they must either come into compliance if possible or be demolished. Having vacant and abandoned property that just sists idle will be a thing of the past. In this new legislation we will also be aided in trying to rid our community of property considered to be a public nuisance.


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